Sherwood is a new blockchain based crowdfinance service. With Sherwood you can tailor your own crowdfunding campaign from start to finish and take it way beyond what typical crowdfunding sites offer.

Create a campaign page with your touch and feel
Place an unobtrusive campaign/donate button anywhere you like
Create your own social network with a campaign page that comes fully loaded with lots of functions like posting, voting, liking, discussing – in fact, it has its its own internal economy
Offer funders as much transparency as you want: the funds are recorded on a blockchain, making the management of the funds super easy
Facilitate new forms of social interaction between funders, who automatically get a blockchain-managed identity
Accept donations from major credit cards, AHC and SEPA payments, bitcoin, ether

In the background, Sherwood relies on state-of-the-art blockchain technology for security and trusted p2p interactions.